Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is formed by the state and county party bylaws which are adopted every two years. While specific seats might change over time, the core of the Executive Committee is comprised of the 4 elected Officers and 2 District Captains from each county commission district.

WCDP Executive Committee Bylaws

TNDP Executive Committee Bylaws

Democratic National Committee Bylaws


Jenn Foley, Chair

Courtenay Rogers, Vice Chair

Grant Marsh, Secretary

Bob Britton, Treasurer


Wanda Graham, Williamson County Democratic Women

Molly Volker, Williamson County Young Democrats

Executive Committee District Captains

District Captains are key to the success and vitality of the county party and play several key roles. Our District Captains communicate the issues impacting their communities to the county party, host events for the party and candidates in their districts, serve on committees, help recruit candidates for office, and are required to attend the monthly Executive Committee meeting. The time commitment for the role varies depending on committee service but is at least 1-2 hours every month. 

Pam Dyson, District 1

Lori Neely, District 1

Jené Lely, District 2

Jody Wallace, District 2

Vilma Cueva, District 3

Vacant, District 3

Mary Barnes, District 4

Vacant, District 4

Adriane King, District 5

Vacant, District 5

Joseph Lewis, District 6

Dave Cañas, District 6

Adrienne Hinds, District 7

Kate Keese, District 7

Bobbi Saltsman, District 8

Fred Wilhelm, District 8

Christopher Peake, District 9

Vacant, District 9

Wilson Boyd, District 10

Angela Gentry, District 10

Linda Lee, District 11

Damon Rogers, District 11

Matt Foster, District 12

Amanda Bradley, District 12