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 Early Voting: July 18 - August 2, 2014            Election Day: August 7, 2014

Voter Registration Deadlines: 
12:00 Noon, July 8, 2014 for the August 2014 Primary Election.
12:00 Noon, October 6, 2014 for the November 2014 General Election.


Williamson County Voter registrations must be received by the Williamson County Election Commission before the above deadlines to be eligible to vote. The WCEC is located at 1320 W Main Street, Suite 140 Franklin, TN 37064  (615) 790.5711





Democratic Party August Ballot for Williamson County: (in Alphabetical order)


Charles Brown
Kennedy Spellman Johnson
William H "John" McKamey
Ron Noonan


U.S. Senate:
Terry Adams
Gordon Ball
Larry Crim
Gary Gene Davis


U.S. House of Representatives 7th district:
Credo Amouzouvik
Daniel Cramer


State House District 65:  
Bill Peach


Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committeeman
Tom Jones
Chris Polk


Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committeewoman
Lisa Ann Jagod
Elisa Dunavant Parker


TN Supreme Court Justices:

We recommend Vote to Retain all Supreme Court Judges

All Candidates:
County Commission (two candidates elected per district) Look up your district:


District 1:   Dwight "Bubba" Jones
                    Ricky Jones


District 2:   Judy Lynch Herbert (R) (read here)
                    Betsy Hester (R) (read here) (read here)
                    Victoria Jackson (TP) read here watch here)


District 3:   Matt Milligan (R) (read here)
                    David Pair (R) (read here)
                    Eliot M. Mitchell (I) (read here)


District 4:   Kathy Danner
                   Gregg Lawrence


District 5:   Lewis W. Green Jr.  (R) (read here)
                   Thomas W. Little (R) (read here)
                   B. Karen Emerson McPeak (I)  (read here)


District 6:  Jeff Ford
                   Paul L. Webb


District 7:  Tom Bain
                   Bert Chalfant


District 8:   Barb Sturgeon
                   Jack Walton


District 9:  Sherri Clark
                   Todd Kaestner


District 10: Travis Hawkins
                    Matt Williams


District 11: Brandon D. Ryan
                    Brian Beathard


District 12: Dana Ausbrooks
                    Steve Smith


County Board of Education: (one candidate is elected per district) 
Look up your district:


District 2: Daniel E. Cash  (read here)
                 Melody M. Morris (facebook page)
                 Patsy Writesman 


District 4:  Paul J. Bartholomew


District 6:  Jay Galbreath


District 8:  Pat Anderson (read here
                  Candace Emerson (campaign handout) (website)


District 10: Beth Burgos (website)
                    Eric Welch (website)


District 12: Susan Curlee (facebook page)
                    Vicki Vogt (facebook page)


The Public Schoolhouse is the Centerpiece of our Community. Our BOE Elections are "non-partisan" so the WCDP is reluctant to make endorsements. Please follow the links above for a little information on these candidates. There ARE some school board candidates on the August ballot with extreme right wing political views.  For an example - have a look at this "textbook tattler" literature being distributed by Candace Emerson, and also linked at Beth Burgos website. 

 "Williamson Strong" community blog to stay informed about the schoolboard. Williamson Strong is a NON partisan group of concerned and informed citizens. read more here

Please contact the WCDP if we may be of assistance with registration, if you need a ride to the polls, or if you would like to volunteer to give rides to polls, be a poll watcher or poll worker.  WCDP: 615.622.3250  or email us:

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