November 7, 2018

My friend,  I know many of us feel disheartened and sad today. While last night produced good results for Democrats in national races, locally, we didn't fare as well.

I'm both an optimistic and a realistic person, and here is what I say to you: In both Tennessee and Williamson County, we have made progress. For the first time in 12 years, we had a full slate of excellent Democratic candidates to vote for. In Williamson County, we had candidates for all three state house seats and for the state senate seat. Rebecca Purington in State House 61 and Kristen Grimm for State Senate ran campaigns that were professional and compassionate. Bill Peach once again stepped in to run for state house when circumstances called and he gave voters options. Toby Shaffer stepped up in District 65 when no one else wanted to.

Justin Kanew- what can I say about my friend? His attitude was always: "If not me, then who?" and he traveled 19 counties, mostly rural, day after day for 16 months to listen to peoples' concerns. Despite the result, he changed perceptions about what a Democrat is.

In 2016, Courtenay Rogers and I ran for State House and lost by 70-30 percent margins. This year, the losses were 65-35 percent. That Democratic candidates made five percent gains in two years is no small thing.

The Williamson County Democratic Party will only grow stronger and larger. We are already recruiting candidates for 2020 and 2022.

As a native of Franklin, I can tell you the Republican Party hasn't always ruled the roost here: it's taken the GOP 30-plus years to get the position at which they currently are.

We didn't run candidates for almost 20 years and it's going to take us, too, years to win our place. BUT: our fight isn't just necessary -- residents and voters need us to represent their values and give them options. It's also going to be FUN. That, I can guarantee.

So please -- take a couple of days. It's okay to feel sad. Its okay to have a drink more than you normally would or eat too much chocolate. But then, put your game face on and take an active role with the Williamson County Democratic Party. It's going to be a new day soon.

Fight on --

Chair, Williamson County Democratic Party

Holly McCall

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