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WCDP_Logo.pngWe are going to make a difference in this coming election and it starts right here in Williamson County. We have hope. We have solutions. We have Candidates! And, we want to make sure you know who to vote for, what, and when to vote. 

August 2 is a combined state and federal primary AND county general election. Early voting is July 13 – July 28. Here's what will be on your ballot: 

  • Williamson County Commission: All candidates running for County office will be available for your vote on both Democratic and Republican Primary ballots. You may vote for TWO county commission candidates. We have 12 Democrats running for county commission and every vote matters in these races: most county commission candidates win with 1,600 votes or less. Click here to learn about the Democratic candidates for county commission. 

  • U.S. Senate: Former Governor Phil Bredesen is unopposed in the primary but will face current Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn in the general election. The balance of the U.S. Senate may come down to what happens in Tennessee and whether Governor Bredesen gets elected could come down to Williamson County.

  • Governor: Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean or House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh. Pick your favorite: either is an excellent choice and vastly better than any of the GOP candidates, but the winner of the primary will need all of us to get behind him. 

  • Congress, 7th District: Justin Kanew or Matt Reel. Here's our chance to replace Marsha Blackburn and ensure Mark "Too Extreme for Trump" Green doesn't represent us in Congress. 

  • State Senate: Kristen Grimm. This mother of four and advocate for Medicaid expansion needs our support. 

  • State House of Representative seats 61, 63, 65. For the first time in years, we have Democrats running for all three house seats and a chance to push back on the reckless Republican super-majority.

Even if a candidate is unopposed in the primary, it's still very important you vote for them: it helps the Williamson County Democratic Party gather data and your candidates to know who to target. 

A few other notes for you:

  • Tennessee is an open primary state. You will be asked “which ballot do you want?” when you go to vote. Please ask for the Democratic ballot and remember that all county candidates (Commissioners, Mayor, Sheriff, etc.) are available on both D and R ballots whether candidates are D, R or IND.

  • Thousands of voters have been purged from the Williamson County rolls this year. Please take a few minutes to look up your voter registration status and make sure you are still registered. You will also see your precinct, county and state voting district at this link. Make sure your address is correct and make sure that you have state issued picture ID that matches your voting address.

  • If you need to register you may register online or visit the WC Election office at 1320 W Main Street, Suite 140, Franklin, 37064 (across the hall from where you get your car tags.)  Please make sure your kids are registered. They may register to vote at age 17 provided they will turn 18 on or before final election day.

Voter Registration deadline for the August Primary is Tuesday, July 3.  

The August election is also very much about how Williamson County will take shape for the next four years: Schools, growth and infrastructure, having or not having a local hospital, public safety, equality and opportunity, historic preservation, maintaining a fertile business and economic environment and protecting our natural environment.

Thank you, and let's win some seats!


Paid for by the Williamson County Democratic Party and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Matt Foster, Treasurer.

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