Circuit Court Judges (21st Judicial District Divisions I, II, III, IV)

  • Role Description: Williamson County makes up part of the 21st Judicial District in Tennessee, along with Hickman, Lewis, and Perry Counties. In the 21st Judicial District, there are Chancery and Circuit Courts. Probate matters are filed in Chancery Court, and criminal matters are filed in Circuit Court. Judges of the 21st Judicial District are all designated as Circuit Judges. These Judges sit as Chancellors when holding Chancery Court.
  • Incumbent: There are five divisions of the Circuit Court of the 21st Judicial District, with a separate Judge for each division: Judge Joseph A. Woodruff (Division I), Judge James G. Martin (Division II), Judge Michael W. Binkley (Division III), Judge Deanna Bell Johnson (Division IV), and Judge Michael E. Spitzer (Division V).
  • Qualifications:
  • Time Commitment (full- or part-time): Full-Time
  • Salary/Stipend: $180,600