Early Voting "Man the Polls" Sign-Up Schedule

Early Voting Starts NEXT WEDNESDAY October 15th!  
Please Volunteer to Help "Man the Polls!" 

We need volunteers to work the polls and help get our candidates elected. 

Please pick an early polling location below by clicking on a link and sign-up for the dates and times you can be there. 

Williamson County Early Voting Poll Campaigning Schedule

 Franklin - Williamson County Administration Complex, 1320 West Main Street,   Franklin, TN 37064

Week   1 Oct. 15th-Oct. 18th - https://doodle.com/e9fr82e9qy47pd89

Week   2 Oct. 20th-Oct. 25th - https://doodle.com/qscucuge7tx98wzi

Week   3 Oct. 27th-Oct. 30th - https://doodle.com/yk2vndic89d7w6zw        


Brentwood - Brentwood Library, 8109 Concord Road,   Brentwood, TN 37027

Week   1 Oct. 15th-Oct. 18th - https://doodle.com/cb4bwkv35uk4udny

Week   2 Oct. 20th-Oct. 25th - https://doodle.com/tztu7hkapt5q5kx9

Week   3 Oct. 27th-Oct. 30th - https://doodle.com/a779t7gnpgwwp6yw


Spring Hill/Thompsons Station - Longview Recreation Center, 2909 Commonwealth Drive, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Week   1 Oct. 15th-Oct. 18th - https://doodle.com/quitk4uxtwerx5rs

Week   2 Oct. 20th-Oct. 25th - https://doodle.com/vw4tah5r96m4xsdb

Week   3 Oct. 27th-Oct. 30th - https://doodle.com/t2nx5wxrfu4t9x6a


Fairview - Fairview Recreation Center, 2714 Fairview Blvd., Fairview, TN  37062

Week   1 Oct. 15th-Oct. 18th - https://doodle.com/82hz66egpgt5tinr

Week   2 Oct. 20th-Oct. 25th - https://doodle.com/2wbfrsi2yn9tqhy8

Week   3 Oct. 27th-Oct. 30th - https://doodle.com/x4kvggm866uk7c93


Nolensville - Nolensville Town Hall, 7218 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, TN 37135

Week   1 Oct. 15th-Oct. 18th - https://doodle.com/wrn54wcmfq3h2nud

Week   2 Oct. 20th-Oct. 25th - https://doodle.com/9mxu5p4gean3ph9f

Week   3 Oct. 27th-Oct. 30th - https://doodle.com/ndzc2zrnuqut2x9z





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