Executive Committee Suspension Document

We are writing to inform you of a change in your status on the Williamson County Democratic Party's Executive Committee.

According to the party by-laws, your consistent attendance at Executive Committee meetings is required to continue to be a member in good standing. Executive Committee members are elected to formulate plans to engage the membership, schedule events and otherwise further the goals of our county Democratic Party. However, members need to attend committee meetings regularly, not only to contribute their ideas and talents to this process but also to help achieve a quorum so that business may be conducted. If we are not able to reach a quorum at a meeting, the Committee's hands are tied and its progress is impeded.

Members of the WCDP Executive Committee must attend 70% of our monthly meetings within a calendar year, and must not miss 3 consecutive meetings unless prior notice or explanation of absence was given prior to the meeting. In light of circumstances and in accordance with these stipulations in the WCDP by-laws, your position on the Executive Committee has been suspended at this time.

We urge you to remain active in the party to the extent that you are able. We still have monthly social events (Pot Lucks, Make it Blue) as well as this election season's important work of supporting our local Democratic candidates Courtenay Rogers and Holly McCall through phone banking, knocking on doors, etc. We need all Democrats in our area to be involved any way that they can to help us work towards a better future for Williamson County.

Should you find you have more availability in the future, please know that you are welcome to apply for membership on the WCDP Executive Committee again at a future meeting.



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