Headway Thursday 03.15.18


Join the Williamson County Democratic Party for a discussion on Gun Violence.

As our country continues to reel from yet another school shooting, and as gun violence continues to rise in Tennessee, it's time to ask an important question:

What can be done about gun violence?

The answer: A lot, actually.

Join us for an overview of gun violence in Tennessee and what we can do about it.  We don't have to live this way.  Enough is enough.

Beth Joslin Roth, Policy Director for the Safe Tennessee Project will lead the discussion.

Feel free to bring anyone interested and a dish to share.

March 15, 2018 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Mary Bristow Lillian Hamilton Caroline Stewart Karla Innis Barde Dustin Koctar Michele Schwartz Bewley Ashley Briggs Patty Daniel Stranch Andrea Hultman Kenneth Townsend Neil Kornutick Damon Akin Rogers Kim Way Henke Lori R Clemons

Will you come?

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