I Support Workers

Talk is cheap.

Anyone from the President on down can say that they support working people.  Do you know what is not cheap? Rent.  Groceries.  Doctor’s bills.  Children’s school expenses. Strike pay of $250 per week gets gone fast.

Are we content to just talk about our support for American workers, or will we act on behalf of our UAW friends? 

We, at the Williamson County Democratic Party, are committed to continuing to work with other counties to meet the needs of striking workers.  The UAW workers in Spring Hill have been provided enough water that they have shared with Flint, Michigan.  Groceries are harder to come by, though.

Will you add your commitment to that of the WCDP to provide grocery gift cards to the UAW?  This is an opportunity for you—regardless of your county—to donate in support of UAW strikers.  All funds received will be given directly to UAW workers as food and necessities or as gift cards.

People matter to Democrats.  Let’s prove it!



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