A few Thoughts about Tennessee's Education Debate

An Excerpt taken from a post written by Bill Peach, who will be on the ballot in the Democratic Primary for the State Legislature District 65. This extends from Mack Hatcher highway to every county line including Fairview, Thompson Station, much of Spring Hill, Leiper’s Fork, Boston, Burwood, Southall, and about half of the county.

From Bill.....

There is a many-fold emotional debate about education. (1.) Education is broken and we need parental choice—vouchers, charters, private schools, home-schools, and abolition of teachers unions. (2.) Common Core State Standards are in some way related to President Obama and a universal textbook content and some liberal conspiracy. (3.) We have taken God out of the classroom and our schools are immoral. (4.) We teach to the tests mandated by the federal government, the state government, and end of course exams. (5.) We either should or should not pay our teachers based on student performance. (6.) Our public schools are too religious and there should be a total separation of church and state in schools, or textbooks are too secular and we don't teach moral values. (6.) Textbooks are selected without any parental input and we are teaching revisionist history, pornographic sexuality, and factually inaccurate information in science, geography, and math. 

In reality, Williamson County is the best school district in the State and Franklin Special is number two. I take very little credit for that, but I spent 24 years on the two boards and was involved in the hiring of 4 Directors of Schools and the planning, construction, and opening of 13 schools.

Much of the recent legislation passed at the state level relating to public education has been detrimental to our local school districts' children, parents, teachers, administration, and elected officials. 

If you are looking for an advocate for public education in the state of Tennessee and specifically in Williamson County, you can make that decision on November 4. 

To read more from Bill Peach, long time Williamson County Resident, please view his site at: billpeach.wordpress.com/

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