Vote - Please Vote


The August 2 Primary is happening now  (Early Voting period is July 13 - 28)

Saturday, July 28 is the last day to vote early in the August Primary and polls close at 12:00 noon.

We have 12 Democrats running for County Commission for the first time in 20 years!

The County General election is included on the August Primary ballot.

Williamson County election officials are offering 3 ballot options. Democratic, Republican or County General only. Please ask for the Democratic ballot. All County candidates will be available for your vote on the Democratic ballot whether they are Dem, Rep or Ind.  You may vote for two County Commissioners in your district.

The County general is typically a 20% turnout election. We can win seats if we turn out Democrats to vote.  That's you. Now is the time so grab your state issued picture ID and go Vote - please Vote. Double pretty please go vote today. 

Those who don't vote always get the government they deserve. 

Thank you.

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