Thank you for helping us Build Back Blue!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Biennial Reorganization Convention on Saturday, March 25th. 87 passionate Democrats attended, making this our largest convention in recent years, and helped us elect a new Executive Committee. 

We heard from Guest Speaker Senator Heidi Campbell, and current party leaders including District Captains and the Presidents of the Williamson County Democratic Women and the Williamson County Young Democrats. The county district caucuses elected District Captains and our new slate of officers was elected unanimously by the entire convention. Please join is in thanking these folks for stepping up to lead our party and support them in their mission to recruit, train & elect Democratic candidates, grow the party voter base and stand up for Democratic values in our community. 

2023 WCDP Officers

Chair - Deborah Campbell Sparks

Vice-Chair - Peggy Kingsbury

Secretary - Laura Stendel

Treasurer - Bob Britton

2023 District Captains

District 1 - Vacant

District 2 - Jené Lely & Dan Rucker

District 3 - Vilma Cueva & Teri Mai

District 4 - Kisha Davis & Meredith Dunn

District 5 - Kenneth Townsend

District 6 - Kurt Kosack & Cheryl Sachan

District 7 - Lisa Avrit & Jane Stewart

District 8 - John Shouse & Jody Smith

District 9 - Elizabeth Jewell & Paul Kruse

District 10 - Gael Morkel & Jason Rapoport

District 11 - Dr. Laura Andreson & Damon Rogers

District 12 - Kristy Bergstrom & Amanda Bradley

Unfortunately we did not elect any District Captains in District 1 and only 1 District Captain in District 5. If you would like to serve on the Executive Committee as a District Captain, even if you do not live in these county commission districts, please send an email to [email protected]


New WCDP Chair Deborah Sparks, WC Election Commissioner Wanda Bruce Graham and new WC Democratic Women President Erin Crawford

Guest Speaker State Senator Heidi Campbell

WCDP Treasurer Bob Britton & District 3 Captain Vilma Cueva

District 12 Captain Kristy Bergstrom, Senator Heidi Campbell, outgoing Chair Dr. Jenn Foley, outgoing Vice-Chair Courtenay Rogers

Pledge of Allegiance led by outgoing District 6 Captain Joseph Lewis

What a crowd!