We are a registered Tennessee State & Local Political Action Committee so we can raise money and contribute to local and state candidates who support our values. We welcome everyone and will continue to fight for social and economic equality and equity no matter your race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or creed.

Ensuring High Quality Public Education

  • Our public schools must be adequately funded to ensure our children receive the high quality education they deserve.  To this end, the funding methods for our county’s schools, including property and sales tax revenue and Tennessee’s Basic Education Program (BEP) funding formula, must be updated.  
  • We oppose “school choice” policies, which divert funding from our public schools, and support policies that ensure funding keeps pace with development and construction in our county.  
  • Our county’s teachers deserve a competitive living wage that allows them to live in our county.
  • Education programs should meet the needs of every student with inclusive curriculums that reflect a full and responsible perspective of shared local heritage. Teacher and support staff diversity and adequate funding for special education, Advance Placement (AP) courses, and technology for low-income households should be prioritized.

Restoring Responsible & Inclusive Growth

  • Housing should be affordable and accessible for all Williamson County residents including our teachers, first responders, public employees, and social workers. If you work in Williamson County, you should be able to afford to live in Williamson County.
  • Development and growth must be undertaken in a fiscally and environmentally friendly way. Continued development in our county brings opportunity, but also increased strain on public services such as education, utilities, and first responders.  Developers can and must pay their fair share in taxes and impact fees to pay for the increased strain on our infrastructure.  
  • Voting accessibility should be increased to make secure voting easier, allowing for smoother voter registration and voting rights restoration.
  • Environmentally-friendly and sustainable policies should be reflected in all county initiatives.
  • Broadband internet access should be affordable and accessible to all county residents.

Achieving Universal, Affordable, Quality Health Care

  • High quality, affordable healthcare should be accessible to all county residents, regardless of pre-existing conditions or economic status. Medicaid expansion should be adopted to ensure healthcare coverage for all residents.  
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, our state and local leaders should adopt and enforce CDC guidance to ensure the health and safety of its residents and workers.

Restoring Ethical State & Local Government Leadership

  • Our residents deserve responsible, ethical, and transparent elected officials. Republican supermajorities in our state and local governments have led our representatives to become complacent in their positions. As a result--and evidenced by several recent local political scandals--our elected leaders have lost their sense of accountability. Democratic candidates will be accountable, ethical, and transparent. 
  • Democratic candidates will run in every partisan local election. In non-partisan elections, we will support candidates who best reflect our values.

ALL THE TIME!! Our virtual monthly meetings are the last Thursday of the month and our in-person coffee with Dems is the last Saturday of the month. Check our CALENDAR for more details and other events.

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Not only do our voices deserve to be heard, but we are making a difference! Come join us to find out how.