We Still Have Work To Do...


Two High-Profile U.S. Senate Races Are Approaching. 

Reverend Raphael Warnock (D) vs. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R)

Jon Ossoff (D) vs. Senator David Perdue (R)


When are the important dates? 

Registration Deadline: December 7th, 2020

 *If you turn 18 by Jan 5th you ARE able to register! 

Early Voting Begins: December 14th 2020

Runoff Election Day: Jan 5th 2021 


Georgian Voting Resources:


How We Help As Neighbors

Here are some organizations who are out doing the work. The work requires resources, resources require funding. We don’t just vote for office, we also vote with our wallets.



Black Voters Matter Fund

If you would like to help fight voter suppression, mobilize  Black Communities to register to vote all across the south:  The current efforts are going to be in Georgia. 

Donate: Black Voters Matter 

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta

Asian Americans Advancing Justice put in the work to contact 92% of the Asian & Pacific Islander voters in Georgia and will continue their efforts through The Runoffs. 

Donate: Advancing Justice-Atlanta

ACLU of Georgia

 A legal group supporting the legal work necessary in protecting Americans voting rights at polling locations as well as  in court. Critical work to be done up to The Runoffs and continued afterwards in order to protect the results. 

Donate: ACLU: GA 




Fair Fight

Stacey Abrams’ nationwide group continues to fight against voter suppression and get out the vote efforts credits the registration of over 800,000 new voters and the work continues strong in Georgia. 

Donate or Volunteer: Fair Fight 

The New Georgia Project 

Georgia’s population is growing and becoming increasingly diverse. Over the past decade, the population of Georgia increased 18%. The New American Majority – people of color, those 18 to 29 years of age, and unmarried women – is a significant part of that growth. The New American Majority makes up 62% of the voting age population in Georgia, but they are only 53% of registered voters.

Donate or Volunteer: New GA Project

The Georgia Postcard Project

The effort to write postcards for this election began in October 2019.  Not only are people all over the state of Georgia writing to fellow voters, but passionate Americans in all states are helping to flip Georgia blue!

Donate or Volunteer: GA Postcard Project