Interview With Damon Rogers

Q. Name & role

A. Damon Rogers District Captain

Q. When & why did you become involved with the WCDP?

A. I became involved when my daughter, Courtenay Rogers, ran against Glen Casada in 2015/6.

Q. What are the responsibilities of your role? If you were describing it for a volunteer so they know what to expect if they step up, what would you tell them?

A. As DC, one of the things I do is reach out to those in my district on their birthday via Google Voice (it’s free and protects my cell #) by text. By doing birth dates, I am reaching a strong number of Democrats and keeping the WCDP in front of them. The script I copy and paste for the text is kudos to Adriane King and Jody Wallace:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Williamson County Democratic Party wishes you a very special day! As you begin your best year yet, consider joining us by signing up for our newsletter at to stay informed on the exciting movements in our community. In the meanwhile, please text your email to me so we can stay in touch.

I am your captain in District 11 and welcome your call, text or emails. It’s a great time to be informed and involved as we turn our community blue! Happy Happy!

Q4. What is your day job/other volunteer work/family responsibilities, to give folks a sense of time management?

A4. I am the busiest retired person I know. I counsel women in recovery, facilitate a recovery class one night a week, advisor to several city and county boards, and am finally down to serving on 1 board.

Q5. How much time per week do you spend helping the WCDP? Are there any issues balancing responsibilities that we could work on as an organization?

A5. I copy and paste my birthday messages every morning sending to database of folks with cell phones living in my district. It takes no longer than 5 minutes plus 1.5 hours/month for EC Board Meeting. I do volunteer for festivals but then I love meeting new people.

Q6. What do you enjoy most about your role/involvement with the WCDP?

A6. I have met so many like minded people through WCDP, especially being district captain and working festivals. Many of these folks have been added to my private email group (used more during elections) and several of us meet for coffee. All want to get more involved and now they follow me on social media. Because of their profession, many are cautious but are working behind the scenes with postcard writing and phone banking.

Q7. What is your vision for the WCDP in the next 2 years?

A7. I want a data base that is current.

I want a larger enrollment to our newsletter as it’s simply the best in messaging and getting the necessary and truthful word to folks.

I want true democrats to sign up and become more active in the organization as well as the community. There are too many so called Progressives that are not democrats (having grown up here, my Republican friends call themselves progressive but they are true Republicans and vote every election as such) so I would like folks to quit sitting on the fence and then take ACTION in getting more Democrats elected by donating, volunteering and doing the work. Democrats can outwork the local Republicans, even here, once we get a strong base of active volunteers who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Q8. Who is your favorite (TN) Democrat or political role model?

A8. Favorite??? Any Democrat who has had the courage to run knowing the Rs will outspend them and out organize them every time! The Dems who have run and lost are my heroes for opening the door for others to follow in their footsteps while we build a stronger County party. This last election with Charlane Oliver and Brother Jones winning in Nashville made me so proud as I know Williamson County can do the same!