Meet Erin Crawford

Candidate Spotlight: Erin Crawford
Williamson County Commissioner, District 12







Why did you decide to run for office?

Short answer: I've been frustrated by the lack of local candidates that reflect my inclusive heart and progressive values, so I stepped up to be that candidate for myself and my like-minded friends and neighbors in District 12.

Longer answer: When my company relocated me to the area in 2015, I researched, visited and chose beautiful and welcoming Williamson County to buy my home and raise my boys - like many families, mainly due to the excellent public schools. 

I never even considered that their curriculum and libraries could be restricted in a way that prevents them from learning the fundamental building-blocks of our true American history, including their own Black heritage. I never even considered that their curriculum and libraries could be restricted in a way that prevents them from learning about entire faith communities and identities. I never even considered that their curriculum and libraries could be restricted in a way that prevents them from being informed, kind-hearted and modern citizens when they graduate and leave our Williamson County bubble.

These extreme censorship efforts violate my core values and have inspired me to learn more about my local elected officials. With that, I recognized our county commission badly lacks the diversified views needed to successfully move our county forward, especially during a period of rapid growth which we are currently experiencing. 

As a modern professional, I value how diverse perspectives expand scope for new ideas, keep groups honest, and prevent the dangers of group-think. In a modern democracy, I value having a slate of candidates that offer broad community representation. As a modern citizen, I value doing the work to create a community that honors and enriches ALL lives.

All of this has me fired up to run for Williamson County commission.

Share your platform. What will you do when you are elected to serve Williamson County?

  1. Secure the future of Williamson County's exceptional public schools. I am committed to making the investments needed to ensure:
  • competitive pay and/or other incentives to attract and retain enough excellent teachers to fully staff our growing number of classrooms,
  • all students have access to technology, programs, and courses that meet their diverse needs and goals, and
  • school-based health services, including mental health support, are adequately resourced.

     2. Ensure long-range livability in Williamson County. This could look like:

  • improved access to assistance to help teachers and other essential workers secure homeownership,
  • expanded support for small businesses that put residents to work in good-paying jobs,
  • fostering energy-efficient and mixed-income developments to provide a greater array of housing choices, and/or
  • promoting region-wide transit options to make commuting more effective and convenient.

     3. Be a force for good. I am eager to instigate bold discussions and inspire ambitious solutions that enrich all lives in Williamson County.

I will never tire in the fight to deliver results for current and future generations and to create opportunity for all.

Hot take: I once claimed that partisanship should have no role in our local elections, but I have since reconsidered that point of view. I still believe that national political movements and our state’s supermajority should not dictate what happens in our backyards, but I also believe the clarity that comes with lightweight partisanship helps voters gain certainty and accountability in their local candidates.

While much of what Williamson County commission tackles isn't innately political, there are moral, ethical and other differences between the parties that should be represented in budget and policy discussions.

How else do you serve our community?

I have a long history of supporting organizations that empower people in my communities, including:

  • tnAchieves, Mentor 
  • Women in Music, Advisory Board Member 
  • Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Project Music Advisor 
  • YWCA Nashville, Fulcrum Society, Wine, Women & Shoes Ticket Sales Committee Chair 
  • Step Up Women’s Network, Luminary Circle, Inspiration Awards Host Committee 
  • Entertainment AIDS Alliance, Board of Directors, Vice President 

In addition, I have served our local democracy as a Williamson County Poll Worker and WCDP Poll Watcher.

As a resident of Williamson County, it’s vital to me that I be an engaged and active citizen who uplifts all who live here.

Something lighter: I'm the person that will actually pick-up other people's dog poop when I'm out walking around the neighborhood, instead of complaining/posting pictures of it on our neighborhood Facebook page.

If you could have dinner with one current Tennessee elected official, who would it be, and why?

Without a doubt, I'd want to have dinner with one of our current Williamson County commissioners. I would really value an open, honest, and generous discussion on the ins and outs of the commission.

What are you currently reading?

I'm actively working my way through a list of banned, or otherwise challenged, books. I just finished reading “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas - it was intense from beginning to end. And I just started reading “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You” by Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds.

What inspires you to serve?

With gratitude and kindness, I am called to serve and empower others with my time, money, and unique talents. 

Fast fact: As commissioner, I will redirect my entire stipend back into our local community.

What’s your favorite restaurant or local event in Williamson County?

If frequency defines favorite, it would be Benchmark Pub in Berry Farms. My husband and I are there pretty much every Friday evening. Seasonally, it's also my favorite place to graze on nachos and watch college football games all afternoon.

Anything else you want to share?

My qualifications: I served as Senior Vice President of a $100M business unit at Nielsen, a global market research company. As a business leader, I had full accountability for business planning, budget/P&L management, and strategic alliances. I led more than 100+ direct, indirect, and matrixed team members and achieved world-class employee satisfaction ratings as measured by Watson Wyatt.  I have a reputation for successfully executing in complex, collaborative, and multifaceted roles. I have proven to be adept at overcoming challenges and making decisions using experience-backed judgment and irreproachable integrity. I have been recognized by Nashville Business Journal as a Women In Music City honoree three years in a row. 

Personality (aka my charm): My MBTI is ISTJ and I'm an Enneagram Type 9. A Google search returns this (quite accurate) description: They are objective, detail-oriented and dutiful people who are non-judgemental and loyal in their relationships. They are self-controlled people who avoid conflicts but can resolve them in a fair and just manner. They make sure to execute things according to plan and fulfill their goals.