September 2023 Newsletter 1

We are now done with a largely useless special session where the Tennessee Legislature was supposed to do something to address gun violence and school safely and instead mostly bickered and found excuses to silence young Black legislators.

A week or so afterward, Gloria Johnson of the Tennessee Three announced her campaign for US Senate against Marsha Blackburn, and the Nashville city elections are in full swing - the city that the Tennessee Legislature would like to take over for themselves by limiting their right to independent governance decisions, like the right to establish the desired size of their own city council.

In this aftermath, the Williamson County Democrats are determined to register voters, remind everyone that elections matter, raise money to support ethical local candidates, and build community.

We are having get-togethers, charitable drives, meetings, greetings, and voter registration training as we move ahead toward a brighter future that is safe and healthy for all people - not just certain elected officials and campaign donors. Won't you join us?

Save the Date!

October 28, 2023, is our upcoming "fancy" fundraiser where WCDP will have food, friends, and some wonderful guest speakers as we prepare for the 2024 Election Year. You can find out more at:

We will update you there and in the newsletter as well. Spots are limited due to the size of the venue, so be ready to buy tickets the minute they go on sale!

Voter Registration Day Information from TNDP

National Voter Registration Day September 19, 2023

Remember that voter registration is a fundamental part of our democratic process, and your efforts can make a significant impact. By following these tips and advice, we can work together to ensure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to make their voice heard in the upcoming elections.

As we gear up for the upcoming elections, one of our most crucial tasks is ensuring that every eligible voter in our county has the opportunity to register and exercise their right to vote. To help with this effort, I wanted to share some valuable tips and advice for voter registration:

1. Know Your Deadline: Familiarize yourself with the voter registration deadlines in your county and state. Make sure you and your team are aware of when the registration period closes to avoid any last-minute issues.

2. Online Registration: Encourage eligible voters to register online, if available in your jurisdiction. Online registration is convenient and can streamline the process for many individuals.

3.Provide Clear Instructions: Create user-friendly, step-by-step guides or videos on how to register to vote. Make sure the information is accessible and easy to understand.

4. Organize Registration Drives: Host voter registration drives in your community. These events can be highly effective in reaching potential voters, especially in high-traffic areas like shopping centers, community events, and college campuses.

5. Utilize Social Media: Leverage social media platforms to spread the word about voter registration. Share relevant links, deadlines, and important information regularly. 

6. Partner with Local Organizations: Collaborate with local community organizations, schools, and businesses to increase outreach efforts. These partnerships can help reach a broader audience. 

7. Volunteer Training: Train your volunteers to be knowledgeable about the voter registration process and to answer questions from potential registrants. Confidence and accuracy are essential. 

8. Offer Multilingual Support: In diverse communities, provide registration materials and assistance in multiple languages to ensure inclusivity.

9. Verify Voter Eligibility: Stress the importance of ensuring that all registrants meet the eligibility criteria, such as age, residency, and citizenship status.

10. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with any changes in voter registration laws and requirements. This will help you provide accurate information to potential voters. 

11. Follow Up: After someone registers to vote, follow up with them to confirm their registration status. This can help address any issues or discrepancies early on.

12. Encourage Early Registration: Advocate for early registration to avoid any last-minute rushes or potential issues on Election Day.

(From the September 9, 2023, Get Together)

WCDP Calendar!

We have adjusted the website to include an easy link to the WCDP Events Calendar that should include District Get Togethers, EC Meetings, Fundraisers and other useful dates.

Please contact us to add events to the calendar! If you want to see an event in your district, this would be a GREAT reason to contact us!

The more we hear from folks interested in getting together, the more meet-ups we can have! 

Tennessee Alliance for Equity in Education Logo

Another reason we don't want state money going to school "choice" and vouchers that Republicans are so excited about - what a lot of parents in Florida are doing with their voucher money, an expose by Popular Information. 

From the TN Lookout - how unions have improved things for Tennessee workers specifically.

Think Tennessee has released a Transportation Brief about how Tennessee scores in this area of infrastructure (hint: we don't help people by providing good roads and public transport) and this forces us to put more miles on our car than peers. Yep, even a state as big as TX doesn't put as many miles on cars.

Tennessee makes it into one of Heather Cox Richardson's Letters from an American - in a typically embarrassing way with our regressive legislature inhibiting free speech, gerrymandering to maintain control, and other actions...and how this ties into the white supremacy that continues to plague our nation.

For similar reasons, Popular Information was talking about Tennessee again, in particular Speaker Sexton and the Incredible Mounting Per Diems. Sexton has been silent on this topic and apparently wants everyone else to be silent about everything too.

Andy Ogles keeps running afoul of campaign finance law - per the TN Lookout

September 11 @ 7 PM via Zoom: Voter Registration Training, contact  [email protected]

September 12: OneWillco's School Cluster Volunteer Project begins and they can't do it without you - for more info email  [email protected]

September 14 @ 6:30 PM via Zoom: Red Wine & Blue training about how extremism in "moms" groups like MFL isn't new

September 16 @ 3 PM: District 3 Get Together, contact [email protected] to RSVP

September 18 @ 7 PM via Zoom: Voter Registration Training, contact [email protected]

September 19 @ 6 PM at Frothy Monkey: Wllco Iris Parents Get together - RSVP to [email protected] 

September 19 All Day: National Voter Registration Day

September 21 @ 6:30 PM: Dallas Downs Meet and Greet - RSVP [email protected]

September 21: Brewing Up Business with Nashville Children's Theater, by TN Pride Chamber

September 23 @ 11:30 AM - 2 PM: Lewis County Dems present at the Farm: Beans and Cornbread. Speakers include Holly McCall, John Ray Clemmons, Dr. Quintessa Hathaway

September 23 in Nashville, TN: Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women Annual Board Meeting. 

October 2 @ 12 PM via Zoom: Another NDTP training focused on how Democrats can win elections up and down the to communicate values and connect with voters.

October 2-5: Build Blue Week with the NDTC 

October 5 @ 6:30 PM: Davidson County Democrats Fall Honors Reception

October 12 @ 7 PM via Zoom: NCTC Training session about engaging with neighbors and being an active listener while GOTV for Democrats!

October 19 @ 7:00 PM via Zoom: NDTC Training session about controlling the Democratic Narrative