Statement on the January 6, 2021 Capitol Riots

What happened yesterday was a heartbreaking moment in our Nation's history. While we respect citizens' rights to peacefully protest, the events that unfolded were not peaceful.

It was an unpatriotic attempt to thwart democracy with little respect for the constitution, law enforcement, and historic public spaces.

Over the past two months, the President and his loyal followers, including our Senators and Congressman, have spouted rhetoric and unfounded statements about the election and the Democratic Party. Their words incited hatred and violence at our Nation's capitol, risking lives, including the lives of their followers.

This incident has reiterated what we already know: inequities exist in our country and erode our democracy. The violence should not have been tolerated. The leaders and followers of this event should be charged and prosecuted for federal crimes.

The United States has been an example of democracy for two-and-a-half centuries, and yesterday, our values were tested. The world is watching. Our youth are watching. We must immediately reverse course.

We are not enemies. We must be allies working together for our country. What unites us must be stronger than what divides us.

In solidarity,

Kelly Baker

WCDP Chairperson

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