WCDP Supports Our Public School Teachers

The Williamson County Democratic Party stands in solidarity with public school teachers across Tennessee, especially those in Williamson County. Yesterday, a Channel 5 news report aired showing Governor Bill Lee, a graduate of Franklin High School in Williamson County, nodding his head in agreement while Hillsdale College President, Dr. Larry Arnn, openly mocked public school teachers at an event for charter school supporters. Below are statements from WCDP Chair Dr. Jenn Foley and WCDP Vice Chair Courtenay Rogers regarding the matter.

Statement from Dr. Jenn Foley, Chair of the Williamson County Democratic Party

"We will not stay silent when our public school teachers have endured two of the hardest years in recent history during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have risked their lives to teach our children, and we must boldly stand up and support them now and every day. I have three kids in our wonderful public schools, and I know firsthand how hard teachers work for our families. We cannot allow our leadership to decimate our public schools.” 

Statement from Courtenay Rogers, Vice Chair of the Williamson County Democratic Party

“Families move to Williamson County because of the great quality of life and the excellent public education we provide our children. Our schools are one of the main reasons businesses choose to relocate to our community as well, and we need to be focused on increasing funding and improving teacher salaries and benefits, not calling our teachers dumb.”