2022 Donation Summary

2022 was one of WCDP's busiest years to date! We fielded a lot of candidates, spoke to a lot of citizens, hosted a lot of functions, and worked with a lot of donors to promote democracy and equality in Williamson County, TN. From January through October, 2022, which was the majority of the 2022 campaign season, here is a summary of our donations:

Our total intake from donors was $28,257.60. Only 3% of these donations were above $500, putting WCDP firmly in the area of grass roots and small donors who are working together to effect change. 33% of our donations were between $100-$500, for a total of $14,893. And then all the rest of our donations -- the majority of our supporters -- donated less than $100 during January-October of 2022. 

What happens to the money?

When you give to WCDP, you are helping campaign for and support democratic candidates who believe in equal rights, strong public schools, and healthcare for everyone. You are helping WCDP give back to the community, with donations to charities and other organizations also effecting change in our county. You are helping us spread the word that there is a thriving and enthusiastic network of liberal friends here in Tennessee, ready to welcome you and protect your voting rights and healthcare. 

And we are growing! Won't you be part of our movement?

You can donate to WCDP at: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/wcdp.tn 

Here is a list of organizations and charities we have supported in 2022 through donations of food, time, and event sponsorships who could also use your support:

Franklin Pride https://franklinpridetn.com

Wilco Iris https://wsjatn.org/wilco-iris

the African American Heritage Society https://aahswc.org/?fbclid=IwAR2-X-moKaxjgz2ffFOhMF_qtQP-ugqeMcwOUNjIiyrFGSxzitX2IFix2Fw

The Franklin Justice and Equity Coalition https://www.facebook.com/Franklin-Justice-and-Equity-Coalition-110606074045467/  

The Williamson County Homeless Alliance https://wilcohomeless.com

Graceworks Ministries https://www.graceworksministries.net

Hard Bargain Association https://www.hardbargain.org