WCDP Biennial Reorganization Convention



Williamson County, NOW is perfect time to throw your hat in the ring and help make a difference in our local community! Show your support for WCDP by attending our Biennial Reorganization Convention in March, where you can meet fellow Democrats, get plugged in, join our leadership team or just learn more about our agenda for the next two years. We hope to see lots of new faces turn out for WillCo on March 25th!

What is a Reorganization Convention?

County parties across the state hold Reorganization Conventions every two years to elect new Officers and District Captains. These leaders make up the Executive Committee, which is the body that governs the WCDP, guides the actions and presence of the party in Williamson County, and works to recruit and support Democratic candidates for local and state office. The governing bylaws for the county party will also be adopted at the convention. All Williamson County residents and registered voters, who pledge to support the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates in Tennessee, are able to run for Party offices and vote for candidates. 

In addition to electing new leaders, the Reorganization gives Democrats the chance to meet fellow Dems, (let’s be honest, it’s sometimes lonely being a Dem in WillCo), learn about the County Party and how to volunteer. So even if you do not plan to run for an elected position, please come out to show your support for the WCDP.

This is our chance to show the rest of Williamson County that we are proud Democrats and we will stand up for the rights of every Tennessean and let the GOP know that we will stand up for democracy. 

What happens at the Reorganization Convention?

Be prepared to register and sign the Pledge of Support for the Democratic Party when you arrive. To save time you can print out the Pledge at home, complete it, and bring the signed document with you. We will need to verify your current address and voter registration so please bring ID and your Voter Registration Card. 

  • Once the doors close, the Rules of the Convention will be presented and must be approved by a majority of delegates in attendance. 
  • The County Party Bylaws must be approved by a majority of delegates
  • District Caucuses to select 2 Co-Captains
  • Nominations & Elections of Party Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Officers & District Captains sworn in with Oath of Office
  • Adjourn 


Do you want to serve as an Officer or District Captain?

Anyone who is ready to commit their time and passion to the WCDP is welcome to run for an elected position. Please review the duties and responsibilities of the positions laid out in the current Bylaws before deciding to serve. Officers typically commit several hours each week to WCDP business. District Captains serve on the Executive Committee and are required to attend monthly meetings in addition to helping with volunteer and campaign events sponsored by the party and serving on a Committee. All of the Officers and District Captains serve the mission of growing the party and representing Democratic values in Williamson County. 

If you are ready to step up and serve as an Officer, someone will have to nominate you for the position at the Convention. You will then have 5-10 minutes to introduce yourself and explain why you want to serve and how you can help the party. 

Each Williamson County District will caucus in the convention room to choose District Captains. Ideally each district will have 2 Captains.

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