Committees & Organizations

Our standing committees help accomplish the Party's mission to elect Democratic candidates in Williamson County.  We would love for you to become involved!  If you are interested, please send us an email or complete our Volunteer Sign-Up Form.



We are a fun, creative and technical group of volunteers with a common purpose to give Williamson County Democrats a voice and visibility. The Communications Committee is responsible for all party communications including social media, emails, website, press releases, and branding.

Point of Contact: WCDP | [email protected]


The Outreach Committee recruits Williamson County residents for membership in the Williamson County Democratic Party (WDCP) and works to ensure the retention of current members. The activities of the Membership Committee support the county party’s goal of achieve steady and healthy growth. To engage community members and serve the people of Williamson County the Membership Committee is responsible for the below:

  • organizing and implementing an effective program to recruit new members and to retain current ones;

  • engaging the community through outreach and volunteering;

  • inputting in Nation Builder members’ basic information; 

  • giving information on all new members to District Captains; 

  • signing in and introducing all new members at the WCDP events,

  • arranging for greeters at WCDP events to welcome new members,

  • presenting certificates, pins, plaques and awards of all kinds; publicly recognize achievements by members and express thanks and appreciation for volunteering with the WCDP;

  • planning and promoting creative ways to maintain current members and attract new ones;

  • following current local public events and happenings in Williamson County and scheduling the WCDP to be involved;

  • and staffing membership booths and tables at community events.

Lead: Celestia Ware | [email protected]



Promotes the Democratic Party’s principles and ideals of diversity and inclusion throughout Williamson County, TN. We work to spread the message that all people are created equal and that the Democratic Party will always fight to end discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. We work to establish and foster relationships with diverse organizations throughout middle TN—and more specifically, Williamson County—through outreach and community support.

Lead: Howard Garrett, Jr. | [email protected]

Elections/Candidate Recruitment

Focuses on identifying, cultivating, and support candidates for local Williamson County Office.  Whether it's Williamson County Commissioner races or other local elections, this committee works to coordinate our efforts.

Lead: Ben Jones | [email protected]

Fundraising Committee

We provide a conduit for developing plans to raise funds that support community involvement and organizing actions. The Fundraising Committee is responsible for soliciting and collecting donations/funding, funding WCDP-related events, establishing and maintaining the ability to contribute to local and state candidates, ensuring compliance with all applicable political and campaign finance-related regulatory requirements.

Lead: Courtenay Rogers | [email protected]

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.