Interview With Bob Britton

Q1. Name & role

A1. Bob Britton, Treasurer

Q2. When & why did you become involved with the WCDP?

A2. I became involved with the WCDP at the last Reorg two years ago when I decided become part of the solution rather than just complaining about the problems. I also wanted to meet and interact with more like-minded people.

Q3. What are the responsibilities of your role? If you were describing it for a volunteer so they know what to expect if they step up, what would you tell them?

A3. I am responsible for the financial operations of the WCDP, including but not limited to; maintaining the party checking account, disbursing funds as ordered by the Executive Committee, maintaining adequate and correct account of the Party’s funds and transactions, and presenting a monthly itemized statement of income and expenditures.

Q4. What is your day job/other volunteer work/family responsibilities, to give folks a sense of time management?

A4. I’m retired, married and a member of several non-profit boards.

Q5. How much time per week do you spend helping the WCDP? Are there any issues balancing responsibilities that we could work on as an organization?

A5. I spend on average of 2-3 hours per week helping the WCDP. Because I am retired I often volunteer for other WCDP activities.

Q6. What do you enjoy most about your role/involvement with the WCDP?

A6. Working on common goals with like-minded motivated people. Participating in the growth and development of the Democratic Party in Williamson County.

Q7. What is your vision for the WCDP in the next 2 years?

A7. Have a Democrat run for every School Board and County Commission seat in the next local election. Increase the number of Democrats the vote in the local elections by 50%.

Q8. Who is your favorite Democrat or political role model?

A8. Heidi Campbell and Courteney Rogers.